Below are my 10 top reasons for writing a Christian Blog. When I was still in the pondering stage of whether or not I was really going to do this, these are the reasons I listed in a random fashion. I have tried to put them in their priority as I pen this. The most important reason for me is number 1, and then descending to number 10, but many are really equal to each other, not less important.

1) To Glorify God.
I want to glorify God in ALL that I do, whether it’s blogging, being a wife, raising children, teaching, working a job, or doing the dishes! So, this is of course my first priority, and I hope it is yours too, no matter what you do in life. Jesus, when asked by the lawyer in Mark chapter 12 verse 28 “Which is the greatest commandment of all?” answered, “to love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” He went on further to tell this ‘expert in the law’ that the second greatest commandment was to “love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandments greater than these!” I hope all of my reasons for blogging fall under these two commandments!

2) Draw – Lead – Woo – Pull – Push – Drag – my audience to God’s throne!
My hope and prayer is that through what God is teaching me on my daily walk with Him, and by blogging about it, that you, my audience, will be led into a closer walk with Jesus. And, vice versa, that my audience will draw – lead – woo – pull – push – drag me into a closer walk with Jesus as well.

3) Use My Spiritual Gifts to Edify
I believe my Spiritual gifts are exhortation (the gift of encouragement) and teaching. Throughout my life, teaching has been geared to children’s ministry because first of all, I love children, and second of all, I am really extremely shy! I have often said I could teach 500 children at one time and be perfectly fine, but you put 1 adult in with them, and I become a basket case! I don’t know why… I’ve always been that way. I am better now than I used to be, but its still a thorn in the flesh for me that God helps me overcome regularly and by His strength alone. (I still try to “blur out” the adults who come in my classroom and focus on the children to make it easier, lol!) Encouragement is a gift I treasure and pray regularly for the best measure of, so I can point others to Jesus. Blogging is a way I can use my both of my spiritual gifts together and hopefully edify my audience as God sees fit.

4) Do Something of Eternal Value.
I think everything we do has eternal value if we do it for God’s glory, but I felt led to venture out into something outside of my normal box; outside my normal comfort zone, and see what God has in store. I may cast my bread upon the waters, (Eccles. 11:1) but what comes back is entirely in His hands, and for His glory.

5) Challenge and Inspire.
Jesus is my PASSION in life! He is the center, the motivation, the foundation of all I do – if I’m doing it right! I want to challenge you and inspire you to keep your life centered around Jesus, and walk in friendship & fellowship with Him. You know! The Enoch Walk!

6) Exhort.
I’ve covered this a bit in reason #3, but it really is my sincere & prayerful goal to encourage you. I feel this is a missing element in the modern church… we don’t encourage one another enough. Life can be hard! Ministry can be thankless and discouraging. But God says to encourage one another! I hope Shadowing Enoch is a place where you can receive some of that encouragement.

7) Teach and Help Others to Teach.
This also is some overlap on reason #3, but I plan on providing lessons from my own years of teaching children that you can adapt for your own needs. Giving tips on teaching that I have learned, practical ideas and methods for teaching, and insight into sharing the Gospel with Children, are all part of why I feel God wants me to write this blog.

8) Provide Resources.
You can NEVER have too many resources at your fingertips if you are a Children’s Ministry teacher, worker, or a parent wanting to have fun teaching your own children about Jesus. I plan to provide resources that I have used, tested, or just really look great, here on this blog, and also many more on my linked Pinterest account.

9) To Be Used by God.
I asked God recently for guidance on what the next step in my life should be, as many things were changing and I was at a cross roads. I needed direction on where He wanted me to go. I increasingly felt His leading about starting a Christian Blog. For more than 7 months I had been praying, researching, and trying to talk myself out of it, haha, but more and more I felt Him saying “Do It!” There was another obligation that was coming to a close, and so I knew my timetable was set to begin for this blog. I don’t know how successful by the world’s standards it will be, but God measures success differently. In God’s way of measuring, I pray to be a “vessel” He can use.

10) Community.
I am truly looking forward to a place where you and I can draw strength for the journey from each other. Here, in “blogworld” we are not hindered by things that may separate us in this physical world. Things like geography, denomination, age, culture, experience, background, whatever! These things may hinder us from learning from each other in the physical world, but not here in blog-world. Online, we can glean from each other as friends & companions on the same journey, crossing paths for a while or longer, and encourage each other along the way. I am looking forward to a Christ-centered communion with YOU.

And now… a bonus 11th reason.

11) Financial reward.
Yes, honestly, I do hope this blog adventure helps pay some of the bills. I can’t financially justify to my husband or family taking this much time out of my week/life without it bringing back some financial compensation. BUT, I am not motivated by it. I would much prefer treasure in Heaven than treasure here on earth. I need what I need to pay the bills. I am praying God gives me my ‘daily bread’ and I will trust Him for that. He knows what that is. I want to be able to put my heart & soul into what I consider my Ministry, without worrying about going under financially. So, if I promote a product, link to a product, do affiliate sales, or sell a product… please rest assured that it is something I truly believe is a good product; something I can wholeheartedly endorse. With that said, come take a peek at what I have to offer and join in on the fun here at Shadowing Enoch.


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