Hi there! You really aren’t there yet at this 2-week point, as I haven’t actually made this blog public yet.

If you ARE reading this, then its really more like 4-5 weeks in or more. My timetable is that I can actually turn on the ‘publicize blog’ button by the 5 week point. Maybe 6 weeks, haha!

But, I was thinking about how much it’s not how I want it, how much it’s not complete, how much it’s not like other blogs (not trying to copy, but just trying to glean nuances, layout ideas, or tricks of the trade, from blogs I admire.) How I keep feeling like I’m hitting the proverbial brick wall…

Then God gently reminds me that I am only 2 weeks in, and in that 2 weeks, I’ve really learned quite a lot for someone who knew NOTHING!

I’ve got such a long way to go, but I’ve also come a lot farther than I was 2 weeks ago. I remember that first day… I was actually on the verge of tears, and I called a tech guy from one of the sites I was using, and he gave me the answer I needed after interpreting my question into techie-language. I can’t for the life of me remember what that question or its answer was, but what I do remember is that he must have heard or felt the complete frustration in my voice because he said these words: “Don’t worry! You will understand all this within a week.”

Well, in many ways, he was entirely right. That first stuff I was puzzled about, I now understand. And, every day I would gain ground. I wanted to gain LOTS of ground, but step by step, I would gain something new. Some days a LOT and most days just enough to say, hey, I did that! I’ve made progress!

My desire is for my blog to be done ‘full’ with lots of starting content; done ‘right’ as in smooth & easy to navigate; done in such a way that it is warm & welcoming to whomever visits, and most of all, I want the blog… especially its content, to glorify my Creator.

If you are reading those posts that say you can have a blog in 30 minutes… well, maybe technically you can own your own domain & website, but unless you REALLY know what you are doing, it will probably take a lot longer to actually have that blog website up and going and publicized and how you want it.

That is not to discourage you, but to encourage you that its worth all the work you put into it, if it is for God’s glory.

I have prayed for God to help me learn, and although I would probably prefer Him to just tap my brain and instantly give me the knowledge I need, I also realize that struggling to learn it has made me feel stronger and more capable of continuing to learn.

You value most those things you work hardest at, and in my case at least, this is definitely one of those things, right from the start.