I am an encourager. I seek to, and enjoy, encouraging others. I don’t mislead them, or try to tell them things that aren’t true, but I believe in pointing to the hope that is in us, especially to those whose Hope is in Jesus. I also pray regularly that God will lead me to those who may need an encouraging word, and that He will give me the right words to give them. Sadly though, there is one person who I tend to discourage on a regular basis, and that person is…

Wait for it…


I don’t know why… I can give you some more or less valid reasons, but none of them really stand up to the plumb-line of God’s truth. I think sometimes its just easier to see the potential in someone else’s life or circumstances than in my own.

I also believe this is a blatant lie of satan, whispered subtly in my ear.

I have tried new things throughout my life, ventured out on Faith, and been successful; weighing eternal success far more heavily than earthly success, by the way. I don’t count it as my own strength, or success, but Christ’s, at least if its done right! But, here we go again, even in starting this blog.

“Are you crazy?” I keep hearing deep inside me. “This is not for people like you… people who know next to nothing about computers, and web-pages, and just the blogging lingo alone is enough to do you in!” -which it is for this 56 year old Grandma! And truly, the learning curve is steep! There’s no denying that.

But when those doubts raise their ugly heads, I smile and remember that I didn’t put this idea into my own head. I believe it’s seeds were planted by my loving Heavenly Father a long time ago. And as the time came to start my timetable, He even re-confirmed it in some… well, scary ways!

It was like when you’re learning to ride a bike -We never learned with training wheels… it was just Daddy pushing you until you got going a bit, and then all of a sudden, he wasn’t pushing you anymore and it was either pedal or fall! (We all became good bike riders, my siblings and I) …

I think God has just given me a push this week and said “Pedal!” I may fall some, but I know who will be right there to catch me- my Heavenly Father. And He will make me get right back on that bike and begin pedaling again, faster and surer, until it becomes second nature.

And you know what they say about riding a bike… Once you learn, you never forget how.  

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