In Acts chapter 4 there is a verse that always makes me ask myself, “Can people tell that I have been with Jesus?”

Peter and John had just healed the lame man who had sat at the Temple gate asking alms. Peter’s response was “Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.” -Acts 3:6. The people were amazed and awestruck! More importantly, they were extremely receptive when Peter went on to preach the Gospel to them, with more than 5000 becoming believers.

This, sadly, didn’t set well with the religious leaders of that day. Peter and John were called in to answer for their deeds before the high priest and other religious rulers in chapter 4. Peter boldly reiterated that it was only by the name of the crucified & risen Jesus that this miracle was performed and the impotent man was healed. Then comes verse 13:

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marveled and took knowledge of them that they had been with Jesus.”

That was Peter and John’s “claim to fame” so to speak. Not anything they had personally done, not any worldly education they had, not anything they could glory in of themselves; their “strength” was that they had been with Jesus. This is where the conviction comes in to me. Can others tell that I have been with Jesus? Or really… HAVE I been with Jesus? I know I am saved, and He lives in me, but does it show that I spend time with my friend? Do His words come through me? Do my actions imitate His? Does my face glow because my Savior and I have spent precious time together? Do my eyes shine when I talk about my best friend? Do I smile with joy when I tell others about Him? Do others see Jesus in my life when they look at me? I hope so! I pray so!

But I know it isn’t so if I’m not regularly spending time with Him.

You’ve heard that couples who have been married for many years start to look like each other. I think that this is many times true, especially if they enjoy being together. Well, I believe it is absolutely true that the Christian who regularly spends time with Jesus starts to “look” more and more like Jesus. God promises this to be true because He says “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6) It is the process of sanctification being worked out in us by the Holy Spirit. That is an exciting promise! But, I do believe the process goes quicker & easier when we just plain enjoy spending regular time with Jesus. When we seek out quiet time with Jesus. When we cherish that special alone time with our Savior & Friend. How could it not? We become more responsive, more malleable, more yielded, just by the close presence of Jesus in our lives. We become the reflection of Christ, mirrored in us.

Do you know any older Christians who have walked with God for most of their lives, loving Him & cherishing Him as a Precious Friend? They have that glow! They have that twinkle in their eyes when they tell you about their Savior! They have that inner “bounce” in their step that comes from a lifetime walk of Faith. (Kind of like Enoch must have had on his walk with God all the way home to Heaven, I imagine! 🙂 ) I have also seen it in brand new Christians who have just been born-again, and are so fresh & excited about their new faith that the light of Jesus just overflows out of them. Truly, it is evident in any believer who walks a walk of faith where Jesus is first and center in their life! It is inevitable!

Well, that is the kind of light I want to shine out of me. That glow, that twinkle, that bounce & warmth, that mirrored reflection, all of which show the world that I truly have been with Jesus. How about you?

How do we get that reputation of having been with Jesus? Just be with Him. Spend time with Him. How? Read your Bible. Sometimes I think we get so focused on ‘we have to study our Bible’ that I think we forget we can just read it for pleasure too. I have a wonderful Bible app on my phone (Bible.Is) that has the option of downloading a drama audio version of the Bible. I have giggled & laughed out loud so many times as I’ve listened with my earphones on because of the dramatic performance portrayed in the different characters & events of the Bible as they are acted out by the readers. It makes you see things in a different light sometimes to do it in a different way. Or perhaps reading a chronological Bible, if you normally use a regular Bible. Or a different version.

Another way of course is to spend time talking to Jesus. Laughing with Him in prayer. Serious prayer time is important, but just chatting with your best friend is also important. Just randomly telling Him you love Him! Go on a nature walk with Him at your side. (He is always with you obviously, but acknowledging his presence in a tangible way makes a lot of difference!) Take up journaling your faith. There are many ideas about that on Pinterest. Find one that intrigues you and go for it! Listen to great Christian music. Sing great Christian music yourself! God doesn’t care what you sound like! Its all beautiful to Him. What ever way ministers to your heart of hearts… do it. We are all individuals and one way doesn’t suit all, but quantity time and quality time are both key.

Simply take pleasure in spending time with Him and soon people will take note of you too, that you have been with Jesus!