Today marks the one month date of when I actually began this blog.

No, it’s not actually published yet, (when this was post was written on August 11th, 2017)… but that deadline goal is looming very close. I may decide to push it back a few days, but I’m hoping to surprise myself actually, and go with the original date which is about 4 days away.

I kept my youngest granddaughter for about 10 days, and not too surprisingly, that week I didn’t get as much done on this blog as I had planned! She is just shy of 3 and I am much older than I was the first time around with toddlers, as many of you grandparents out there can attest to. Haha! I was wore out! But, I had a lot of fun playing with blocks, and play-doh, watching Peppa-Pig, and exploring outdoors, and all sorts of things that are just way more fun through a toddler’s eyes. Grand-parenting is magical, I will tell you.

But, back to blogging!

If I have any advice for you, especially if you are like me and “lost” in this web site creating, blog-writing world, it is to learn from others. WATCH all those Youtube videos that walk you through it, especially the ones that are specifically designed with your theme (mine is Extra from Elegant Themes) in mind. Read those posts from others on how to do all the little detail things of website creation. Save things on Pinterest to refer back to as needed. Set realistic goals for yourself and smile when you obtain each one. Smile when you don’t quite meet the deadline too, and realize that these are just flexible dates that you are allowed to change if needed, because life!Β 

I still have so very much to learn! I admire those bloggers who seem to just breeze through it, but I’m sure most didn’t at the beginning.

I do know I’ve come a LONG way from where I was a month ago, and that alone encourages me. I like to envision the future a distant 2-3 months from now, and tell myself that I will be soooo much more adept at this by then. Its how I keep my fire up for the process. If I can even keep up the learning curve ratio I’ve had in the past month, I know I will achieve my goals of moving toward “expert” lol…

That is said totally tongue in cheek. I just want to be capable πŸ˜‰

So, if you are in this process yourself, and happen upon these updates, of 2 weeks inΒ here and when I actually publicized my blogΒ here,Β just be encouraged that you CAN do it! There are things in life that I consider myself much more naturally proficient in, but I am determined to LEARN LEARN LEARN this thing if only by sheer stubbornness!

Seriously, I am also reminded daily that this journey is something that God has put in front of me to do, so the learning & struggle that doesn’t come very naturally to me is part of the stretching and reformulating of who God wants me to be.

I am excited about learning something new like this. I just keep reminding myself of that when the going gets rough. Like the little train trying to go up the hill…

I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I can with God’s help.