This is the landing page for my Free Resources Library. While most of the content in the Free Resources Library is for subscribers to the Shadowing Enoch Blog newsletter, if you scroll down through this page I have included a sampling of some of the images that anyone, whether you are a subscriber or not, can download, print and enjoy. More content will be added to the library regularly, and when I do, I will notify you in the newsletter, but I will also add some for everyone who stops by on this page just to thank you for visiting our site.

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If you are already a member of the Shadowing Enoch community, click here to go right to the sign in page, or use the drop down menu. Right now, the library includes a selection of downloadable and printable “Encouraging Christian Quotes” graphics that I made, and also a set of photo images (pictures I’ve taken myself, except for one) with more great quotes I love, or Bible verses I love, added to them. After downloading, if you choose to print, make sure to un-check the box, “fit to page,” under your printer’s options, as these are square images.

Free Printables | Encouraging Christian Faith Quotes | Shadowing Enoch Resource Library

Free Printable Photo Images | Christian Quotes and Bible Verses | Shadowing Enoch Free Resource Library

The posters below are free just for stopping by! To save or print one, just right-click the image and save as a download on your computer. Than click the downloaded image and print for your personal use as desired.

Verses I love posters | Free Resources on Shadowing Enoch Blog

This is one I created to help me remember a verse that was a special blessing to me while going through a time of confusion in my life. It was just what I needed at the time!

Here is a poster entitled “7 Things You Can Always Pray For Someone, Even When You Don’t Know What Else to Pray” in your choice of light or dark backgrounds. It is taken from my post “Are You Trusting God to Be God” 🙂 One of my most popular posts. Just right-click the image and save to your computer as a free gift from me.

Free Printable | Prayer | 7 Prayers you can always pray for someone | Shadowing Enoch Resources | This is a free printable for you, just for stopping by and visiting my blog. Other resources are available in the Free Resource Library.

This free printable poster is the first from a set of 13 printable Christian quote graphics that is also available in the Free Resource Library for subscribers to the newsletter. If you like the one below, sign up for the newsletter to gain access to the others, and more resources that are being added regularly.

Christian Faith Quotes | Free Printables | Shadowing Enoch Resource Library

I have now added a second resource page of items for purchase through my chosen affiliates, available to anyone, whether you are a subscriber to the newsletter or not. These are great sources for lots of Christian gift items, books, videos, curriculum and much more that will help you grow in your Christian Faith. Click here, or on the poster below, or use the drop down menu to access this page. If you purchase anything through one of my links, I receive a small commission at no cost to you, and that helps support my blog. 🙂 Thank you in advance, if you do purchase, and know that I only have chosen links I have used myself and recommend, or ones that I fully believe have wonderful resources for growing in your Christian walk with Christ.

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