Hi! I’m Laura. I am the loving wife of KD for 37 years now. We are the proud parents to 5 grown children and 8 Grandchildren. We also have a 6th child who has preceded us into Heaven through stillbirth 13 years ago, and yet, shis still an integral part of my Journey.

There have been many trails along my Journey’s path, as I know there have been to yours. Each one of those trails has taken me to places God wanted me to see. and to learn from. I don’t always understand God, or His ways, but He is my dearest Friend, and that makes me trust Him on this Journey. He knows the way, because He IS the WAY. I have walked with Him since I was 12 years old, when I gave my heart and life to Him. I have failed Him, but I can 100% attest to the fact that He has never failed me.

I am passionate about Jesus & my personal relationship with Him – my ‘Faith Walk.’ In this blog, I hope to use that passion to encourage others in their own faith walk with Jesus, or challenge them into beginning one. I don’t claim to have “arrived” in any sense of the word; I am definitely a “work in progress” -but I am excited about where God has, and is, taking me. I hope we can inspire each other to walk in friendship & fellowship with Jesus through this life until He calls us to His home.

Another passion I have is working with children, teaching them about the Bible and the Savior they can know and love as their best friend. Much of what I hope to offer here on Shadowing Enoch are Bible Lessons, aids, and ideas for Children’s Ministry teachers.

I hope you will choose to journey for a while with me! My hope is that we can encourage one another as we travel this path called life together. 

  Why “Shadowing Enoch”?

Enoch in the Bible has always intrigued me, and very little is said about him. We only get a few verses in Genesis (and a couple more in Hebrews 11 & Jude) about him… that he ‘begat’ Methuselah, lived 365 years, and then there’s this verse: Gen. 5:24- “And Enoch walked with God; and he was not; for God took him.” WOW! So, for 365 years he strived to be a man of God, and in the end walked so closely with God, that its like God just said, “Come on over to my place, Enoch” and he went! Never died; just walked on up to his heavenly home. Just one friend walking with another friend, fellowshipping so closely, in such unity, all the way Home. I find that very amazing and inspiring!

I long for a close walk with God like the one Enoch had! Shadowing means to imitate, and so the idea of shadowing Enoch is for me, a way of imitating his way of being close to God. I know I need to imitate Christ, and that is of course the ultimate goal, but sometimes we watch how another person does it, and that helps us too. Enoch is an inspiration to me, and hopefully to you too!

Why the bridge background?

In various places around the Shadowing Enoch website, you may find me using this bridge image. It is also included in my welcome email to new subscribers with a bit more detail of its personal meaning to me. The encouraging reminder this image has for me is that Faith is the bridge from where we are to where God is, so this picture also reminds me to keep on walking the path God has laid out for me. I hope it encourages you too, and if you want to go visit this bridge, it is at High Bridge Trail State Park in Farmville VA.